Enterprise Cloud IT Solution

EMS IT is a major player in the cloud management ecosystem and major role in ensuring consistent delivery and operation of cloud services to our Clients.

EMS IT  provides expertise and  act as an intermediary between cloud providers and our cloud Clients  to ensure that the  Clients has a consistent management view across its hybrid cloud environment

For effectively management of our Clients hybrid environment, EMS IT provides expertise that all elements of the environment are managed in an automated and standardized way. Therefore, the following are the core six primary responsibilities that cloud services must provider for our Clients:

Managing customer accounts

At EMSITLEARN, we ensure that the basic business relationship with our Clients runs smoothly. The cloud services are largely self-serviced, an essential aspect of cloud management deals with automating processes of customer account management. We provide expertise for opening and closing accounts, establishing user authorizations, tracking use, and managing service levels according to policies of our Clients.

Provisioning and configuring services

The Cloud Services provisioning enables pools of resources to be instantly available based on business policy rules.

EMSIT provides expertise that focus on standardization and automation, that make the Cloud provisioning process easier, faster, and more cost effective.

Service catalogs

service catalog plays an important role, it is essentially a list of internal and external services available to an organization. EMSIT provides a comprehensive catalog of services that is easily understood and used by our Clients and it includes this information:

Management of performance

Cloud providers need to monitor cloud services to ensure that the performance of servers, networks, and virtualized images in the cloud provider’s environment